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Three selected news from the new SOREL catalogue 2021

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Spring 2021 brings a whole batch of new products, features and applications for °CALEONbox multi-zone controls in the new SOREL catalogue. My 3 highlights for surface heating and cooling systems are presented here.

Radio Sensors “Room Sensor Smart” with WiFi

Heat distribution via floor, wall and ceiling heating has become state of the art in new buildings. The new Room Sensor Smart with its integrated WiFi chip simplifies the installation of the °CALEONbox control system, especially in existing buildings, as well as in all other installation situations where minimal cabling is preferred.



You can read a decision-making guide for the respective advantages of wired or wireless connections in heating technology here.


The decision to use WiFi as the radio standard has three reasons:
  1. As a well-known, widely used and mature technology, WiFi enjoys the highest customer trust
  2. WiFi is superior to most radio standards in terms of range and speed
  3. WiFi offers local radio networking AND Internet access as a dual function in one technology. The integrated WiFi chip on °CALEON Smart Controllers also eliminates the need for yet another separate radio gateway.


The most important advantages of the Room Sensor Smart at a glance:


Digital room sensor in two versions: as “Room Sensor Smart” for measuring room temperature, or as “Room Sensor Clima Smart” for measuring room temperature plus relative humidity.

Can be used in all common switch frame systems. By connecting to the existing power supply, virtually maintenance-free (no battery change!) without laying new cables.


Coloured LEDs for status display integrated behind the plastic, thus not visible in normal operation if deactivated.

Built-in access point enables operation completely without a router! This means, for example, that the system can be fully configured before the occupants move in, and also works in the event of a change of tenant, router defect or replacement.

Particularly simple device pairing by means of an integrated touch area using the push-button method and guided commissioning on the °CALEON controller. Read the article on the UX of networked heating and cooling systems to find out what else needs to be considered in a connected product for a pleasant user experience.

Fan Coil Function

All °CALEON Clima controllers have a new extra function for heating and cooling with fan coils. These can be connected to free 0-10V/PWM outputs in the °CALEON Clima or °CALEONbox Clima in order to modulate the fan coil on the basis of temperature or humidity. Optionally, a flow sensor can also be selected to define a minimum flow temperature for switching on.


The function can be configured in such a way that separate operation of surface heating and fan coil is possible, e.g. to cover short-term heat requirements in the transitional period only via the fan coils.


Adds full access to the expert menu of the °CALEON Smart Controller to the free consumer app. This opens up new opportunities for the craftsman and the OEM for better customer service or even additional sources of revenue.

Serviced Setup

After completing the installation of °CALEONbox, °CALEON and Room Sensors by the tradesman on site, a specialist takes over for remote commissioning. Depending on the customer’s wishes, this can be trained technicians from our OEM customers or our own service team, who are well versed in the configuration options of the °CALEONbox system.

For the installer, this massively reduces the complexity and time required to learn the system, while setup is completed much quicker and safer. We are also happy to support our OEM customers in establishing an optimal and fail-safe process in the coordination of the remote service technician and the on-site craftsman.

Remote Maintenance

Access to further diagnostic tools such as the installed firmware, status information on WiFi or CAN communication, as well as all intervention options of the expert menu. This can significantly improve the service level to your customer (shorter time between problem reports and solving them) while reducing service costs (e.g. sending a service technician). Especially for commercial installations, such as hotels or offices, the business with maintenance contracts could become more attractive.

Firmware Updates

As a further way of intervention, firmware updates for all connected °CALEON and °CALEONbox can be carried out remotely at the push of a button to solve known software issues or to provide function upgrades.

The following licensing options are available for activating the °CALEON App Pro:

  • Quick Fix licence for on-demand remote access. Provides 1 user with full access for 7 days.
  • Service subscription for continuous remote access. Provides 1 user with permanent full access to any number of systems and is therefore useful if the number of systems under supervision increases.
  • OEM App for extensive use of Pro access with larger teams of technicians, for using your own pricing model towards your customers, strengthening your brand, as well as app functionalities tailored to your needs.


All other news and the existing range of products can be found in the new SOREL catalogue 2021.

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