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How you can rescue an installation with the wrong cable structure with a 6-wire cable

How to install a basic UFH system with °CALEONbox application example with 8 rooms

1. Get materials

2. Mount devices

3.1 Connect cables: °CALEONbox
Terminal block A Mains connection for heating circuit pump
Terminal block B-I Actuators for the heating zones

3.2 Connect cables: °CALEON (CAN-Bus)

3.3 Connect cables: Room sensors (1-Wire-Bus)
Document sensor IDs to simplify subsequent assignment to the rooms

4. Run through the setup wizard on the °CALEON

How to set target temperatures and time programmes on the °CALEON Room Controller

With °CALEON you can set your desired temperature for your home, office or hotel room at any time – for more comfort and more energy efficiency.

How to connect °CALEON to HCC heating controllers

1. Ensure use of suitable cables for the CAN bus connection:
» min. 4 wires
» Twisted-pair
» Shielded

The twisting in pairs must be maintained:
CAN high & CAN low; 24VDC & GND; Green & Yellow

2. Connect CAN adapter to CAN cable

3. Connect wires according to the indications

Make sure that the terminating resistors are set on the first and last device of a CAN bus line!

Use the enclosed operating tool to avoid destroying °CALEON’s terminal clamps.

4. Select a room icon during commissioning of the °CALEON

5. Assign a °CALEON Room Controller on the HCC controller under Settings → Heating circuit 1

6. Optionally make further settings

Several °CALEON can also be assigned to a heating circuit in the same way

If you want the heating circuit to switch off in addition to summer-winter shutdown, even if the room temperature is reached, set “”summer + room”” here.”.

How to wire °CALEONbox multizone controls for 24V actuators

Each °CALEONbox can be flexibly rewired to operate actuators either with 230VAC or with low voltage

If the terminal blocks (B-I) are to be supplied with a voltage other than the mains voltage, proceed as follows:

1. Remove existing bridges A1 – B1 and A2 – B2

2. It is absolutely necessary to insert a separating wall between A – B.

3. Connect the power supply to B1 (L) and B2 (N).

4. Observe max. switching power of relay and fuse (4AT)

How to connect Room Sensor Smart to °CALEON via WiFi

1. Connect °CALEON to local WLAN (recommended)

2. Integrate new WiFi sensor
(Expert → Settings → Devices)

3. Start pairing by placing a finger on the touch surface at the top right. Press and hold the touch surface until the LED lights up blue.

Pairing successful!

The sensor can now be assigned to a room.

Tip: note the corresponding room immediately on the enclosed sticker.
To verify correct functioning, a transmission can be triggered manually by touching the sensor.

In menu Expert → Settings → WiFi → WiFi status, the time of the last received transmission can be read off

How to connect 1-Wire Room Sensors to the °CALEONbox

1. Ensure use of suitable cables:
»  3 wires (recommended: 6 wires)
»  Twisted-pair
»  Shielded (recommended)

2. Lay the cables of all 1-wire sensors in a line. If stub lines are unavoidable, they should be kept as short as possible. The maximum cable length of the 1-Wire bus is 100m in total

The greater the cable length, the more important it is to maintain the line structure.

3. Strip the insulation from the wires and connect them according to the labelling.

4. Document sensor IDs to simplify subsequent assignment to the rooms.

How to use the °CALEON multiroom feature to change operating mode for all rooms

The multiroom feature allows you to view and adjust all the rooms in the system, not only the local room itself.

The multiroom feature can also be deactivated under Settings → RoomSync (e.g. in offices or hotels) .

To set all rooms to the same operating mode, just swipe down.

Since every room can have different target temperatures for each operating mode, no general target temperature can be set. This prevents the unintentional overwriting of carefully balanced setpoint temperatures.

Holiday mode can also be set for all rooms together.

The °CALEON app uses the larger space available to display its own button for selecting all rooms.

How to easily identify and assign Room Sensors for °CALEONbox

1. When installing, read the sensor ID from one of the stickers
Tip: note the corresponding room immediately on the enclosed sticker

With Room Sensor Smart (WiFi), the sensor ID is also shown in the display after pairing

2. Select the sensor using the ID when assigning rooms in the °CALEON

3. Stick enclosed sticker for documentation on lid sticker (recommended)

DE How to assign sensors and zones to the rooms in the °CALEONbox

1. Assign one or more sensors to the room
Expert → Settings → Rooms

2. Assign one or more zones to the room
Expert → Settings → Rooms

3. Repeat for all other rooms


Some rooms consist of several zones, e.g. to separate heating and cooling circuits or for large areas.
Further settings are therefore located separately in the menu Expert → Settings → Zones

The assignment of sensors, rooms and zones is also run through during system start-up as part of the setup wizardfen.

How to set the Thermostat function in the °CALEON Clima

1. Open menu:
Expert → Settings → Functions °CALEON →Thermostat
Expert → Settings → Functions °Cbox → Thermostat

2. Select free switching output.

3. Set „Room“
Selection of the sensors on the settings and conditions of which the function is to be based.

4. Set „Operating mode“
Sets the operating mode of this function of the thermostat. Heating, cooling, or heating and cooling.

5. Set „Relay mode“
Switching mode for regular/inverted output.

6. Set „Seizing protection“
If the anti-seizing protection is activated, the controller switches
the outputs on/off at 12.00 noon for 5 seconds to prevent seizing of the pump/valve after long periods of inactivity.

How to set the Dehumidifier function in the °CALEON Clima

1. Open menu:
Expert → Settings → Functions °CALEON → Dehumidifier
Expert → Settings → Functions °Cbox → Dehumidifier

2. Select free switching output

3. Set „Operation mode
Sets the operating states of the heating and cooling systems in which the dehumidifier is to be switched on.

4. Set „Humidity“
Sets the humidity imit. If this is exceeded, the dehumidifier is switched on

5. Set „Hysteresis“
Sets the switch-off hysteresis.”

6. Set „Room“
Room selection to assign the humidity of a room as the basis for the dehumidifier operatio

7. Set „Seizing protection“
If the anti-seizing protection is activated, the controller switches the outputs on/off at 12.00 noon for 5 seconds to prevent seizing of the pump/valve after long periods of inactivity.

How to restrict menu access for end users in °CALEON

Solution 1: Use interface mode to hide the entire menu
1. Set interface mode to „Hide“.
Menu → Expert → Settings → Interface mode”
2. To return to „full“ mode, press and hold the upper right corner of the display for 5 seconds

Solution 2: Menu lock to hide all expert functions
1. Activate menu lock
Menu → Expert → Menu lock”
2. Deactivate menu lock by entering the selected password or [CALEON]
Menu → Expert → Menu lock”

Solution 3: Deactivate Room Sync to hide rooms of other °CALEONs
Deactivate room synchronisation on all °CALEONs which should not show rooms of other °CALEONs in the same network
Menu → Expert → Settings → Room Sync

How to make separate areas with °CALEONbox Clima heat only or cool only

Example 1
1. Add living room as a new room
(in menu Expert → Settings → Rooms | or in setup wizard)

2. Add bathroom as a new room
(in menu Expert → Settings → Rooms | or in setup wizard)

3. Assign rooms to zones
(in menu Expert → Settings → Zones | or in setup wizard)

4. Set operating mode of the living room zone to heating & cooling
(in menu Expert → Settings → Zones | or in setup wizard)

5. Set the operating mode of the bathroom zone to heating. (in menu Expert → Settings → Zones | or in setup wizard)

Example 2
1. Add living room as a new room (as before) (in menu Expert → Settings → Rooms | or in setup wizard)

2. Assign rooms to zones
(in menu Expert → Settings → Zones | or in setup wizard)

3. Set operating mode of the zone for heating to heating.
(in menu Expert → Settings → Zones | or in setup wizard)

4. Set operating mode of the zone for cooling to cooling.
(in menu Expert → Settings → Zones | or in setup wizard)

How to set dew point protection for surface cooling with °CALEONbox Clima

1. Set dew point correction per room
a) Appears for rooms with Room Sensor in Setup Wizard
b) Can be called up via Menu → Expert → Rooms

2. Set dew point protection per zone
Select operating mode with cooling
Activate dew point protection

3. Assign flow sensor
Menu → Expert → Settings → Functions Cbox → Heating Circuit → Flow Sensor

4. Set Min. Flow Cooling

How to view heat quantity statistics with SOREL Connect

1. Menu → Special functions → Heat quantity
2a. Without VFS sensor: activate constant flow rate
Or alternatively:
2b. With VFS sensor: Set VFS type

Done !

Notice: The temperature curve is only available for XHCC

How to set up SOREL Connect with an XHCC

1. Connect router and XHCC with LAN
2. Read out MAC address in controller and open page in browser
3. Create an account
4. Click activation link and log in
5. Enable access on the controller
Done !

How to update firmware on SOREL data logger

Follow 5 easy steps to update the firmware on your SOREL data logger:
1. Take SD card from data logger to PC
2. Copy firmware.bin to root directory (!) on SD card
3. Disconnect data logger from power supply
4. Plug in SD card and switch on power supply again
5. Quickly press reset button for 3 seconds
Red LED blinks during installation and turns green when finished

Important notice: Don’t carry out firmware updates without consultation with us to ensure compatibility of software and hardware!

How to update firmware on SOREL controllers by update board

Updating a SOREL controller in 5 easy steps:
1. Switch off power supply
2. Take off the cover
3. Place the update board onto the port
4. Close the cover and switch on power supply
5. Confirm to start the installation

After a few moments it’s done! Remember to remove the update board again, power supply being switched off.

Important notice: don’t carry out firmware updates without consulting us, to ensure compatibility of hardware and software!

Simplified Wiring of Underfloor Heating Controllers with °CALEONbox

5 ways how °CALEONbox simplifies the installation of underfloor heating and cooling systems:

1. Easy click-on installation on DIN rail
2. Removable cover for more installation space
3. Automatic, press-on strain relief
4. Easy plug-in terminals. Colour-coded to facilitate correct assignment
5. Movable partitions make space and increase flexibility to separate mains and low voltage (e.g. depending if actuators are 24V or 230V)

How can I connect my devices to a CAN network?

Wiring possibilities of a CAN network (tree, line, star)

Is there a screed heating program?

Yes, the setpoint program (14 day ref. program) can be found under Menu > Settings > Heating circuit > Operating mode

Which controller replaces my old controller?

This table indicates which new controller succeeds those of previous series. These recommendations are non-binding and do not replace your own examination if the controller meets your requirements.

Previous modelRecommended Controller

How to set up the CALEON App

1. Download °CALEON App to your mobile device. Currently available on Google Play (Android) and Apple App Store (iOS)
2. Start app and create account
3. Click activation link in your e-mail inbox
4. Connect °CALEON with the WLAN network: Expert > Settings > WiFi > Choose Network
5. Add selected e-mail address to access list: Expert > Settings > WiFi > Access Control
6. Log in to °CALEON app with e-mail and password
7. Enter device address in °CALEON app. The device address can be found in the device: Expert > Settings > WiFi > Wifi Status

How to Update Firmware via WiFi with °CALEON Smart

1. Menu | Expert | Service values | Firmware
2. Wait till download is completed

°CALEON automatically detects if the newest software is already installed.

Firmware for other SOREL controllers which are connected to °CALEON Smart can also be updated in this way! Look for the corresponding item in the Expert menu (for example “°CALEONbox Firmware”) and proceed as shown in this video.

How to use the PWM 0/10V outputs on °CALEON Clima to control a zone valve, dehumidifier or fan coil

1) Connect external relay to 0-10V / PWM output of °CALEON Clima
2) Connect external relay to desired external device (e.g. zone valve, dehumidifier, or fan coil)
3) When °CALEON Clima is fully installed, go to Menu – Expert – Caleon – Manage Functions
4) Select desired function
5) Configure settings for that function.

Some devices like 0-10V actuators or high-efficiency pumps can be configured in the same way, but even without the need for an external relay in between.

How to configure speed control of high efficiency pumps with 0-10V or PWM

1) Wire the cables to the controller
Pump cable on left side: blue wire to – brown wire to V1 (black wire is redundant)
Power supply on right side: brown wire to R1 blue wire to N

2) Go to Special Functions – Pump Settings V1
Select type of pump (get this information from pump manual or type label). Set pump signal (get this information from pump manual or type label). If the pump does not support “Solar” or “Heating” standard, you can select from other pre-defined signal profiles. The parameters automatically adapt to your selection. To be sure about the signal settings, compare “Show signal” to the data sheet of the pump

3) Activate speed-control
Check the other speed-control parameters


How to compose individual heating systems with XHCC controller?

How to enhance basic systems in SOREL controllers by assigning extra functions to unused outputs?

How can I assign multiple °CALEON room controllers to a heating circuit?

How to update firmware on X controllers by SOREL

7 easy steps to update the software on XHCC heating circuit controller and XTDC temperature difference controller by SOREL:

1. Remove SD card from controller
2. Plug SD card into PC
3. Create folder “update” on SD card. The name “update” is important!
4. Copy .bin file into “update” folder
5. Take SD card back to controller
6. Go to Special Functions – SD Card – Firmware update
7. Select software update and start

Done! After a few moments the controller reboots with the new firmware.

Note: Carry out firmware updates only after consulting with us to ensure compatibility with hardware and software!