Manufacturer of user-friendly temperature controls

Climate protection and the sustainable use of finite resources are among the biggest challenges of our time. As a partner of the international heating industry, SOREL develops and manufactures intelligent temperature controls which complete our customers’ products to energy-saving, convenient and user-friendly heating systems.


Out of his engagement in the anti-nuclear movement, company founder Georg Bicher discovered his interest for alternative, sustainable energy sources at an early stage. Being an engineer and enthusiastic electronic experimenter, he started developing the first controls for solar-based heating systems and thus belongs to the solar thermal pioneers throughout Germany. It was this passion from which the company SOREL emerged in 1991, which supplies a broad range of temperature control solutions to all continents today.

SOREL Factory in Torun


Heating technology is getting increasingly complex, comfort requirements higher, time more precious. Therefore, focussing on usability is key in order to guide the users of our products to achieving their goals fast and safely. SOREL controls are therefore technically powerful, yet easy to understand for the operator.
Partnership and Win-Win Thinking
What goes around comes around. It is for this reason that we prefer lasting partnerships over quick business. Openness, eye-level and the focus on common goals are considered the basis. We have deeply understood: we can only succeed by spuring the success of our customers.
Our company origins from environmental concerns symbolises our far-sightedness that drives us to this day. From our customer relationships, the interplay with our employees to the reliability of our products - we think and act in the long term.


Jonas Bicher

Master of Science in Management and International Business. Likes innovative ideas, usability design and software-based technologies.

Georg Bicher

Electrical engineer and successful entrepreneur since 40 years. Likes sophisticated hardware constructions, exploring electronic devices and thinking about energy-efficient behaviour in everyday situations.