Smart Controller Instead of Simple Clamp Terminal

Sorel presents Caleonbox for single-room control of surface heating systems

Wetter, February 13th, 2017.

The new Caleonbox by SOREL provides a flexible and convenient control of surface heating and cooling systems. It manages up to eight heating zones and sets the right room temperature for each zone at every moment. Additional outputs can be used by selecting from a series of extra functions. For example, speed-controlling the heating pump, modulating a heat source, an alarm function or weather-compensated control of a mixer are possible. “The functions are not fixed rigidly, but rather provide a broad choice of possibilities to satisfy individual requirements”, as CEO Jonas Bicher explains.

+++ Usability from installation to setting the heating schedule +++
In order to shorten installation times, Sorel uses coloured plug-in terminals which not only facilitate correct assignment of the cables, but are also much faster to connect. “For a single-family house, it can take up to one hour with regular terminal screws. In contrast, Caleonbox can be readily wired within a few minutes”, says Bicher. Configuration of the Caleonbox is done in full text via the TFT touch display of the matching Caleon room controllers. They also provide a user-friendly interface for residents of all ages to set their comfortable temperature, select the heating mode, or set up their personal heating schedule with just a few touches. The interplay of Caleonbox and Caleon room controllers ensures a holistic view of the heating systems: given that Caleon not only controls the zone valve, but also influences the flow temperature, the room temperature is reached faster and with higher precision.

+++ Control from single-family houses up to housing blocks +++
When connecting several Caleonboxes with each other via CAN bus, for example in multi-family houses or housing blocks, they can exchange information like the outdoor temperature or the heat or cooling demand. As an option, a central, weather-compensated HCC heating controller can adjust the main flow temperature to the current heat demand of the building. Bicher elaborates: “In that case, the system always supplies just the right amount of energy for what is needed in that very moment”. A data logger can be used to connect every apartment or the whole system with the Internet, in order to turn on the heating from one’s smartphone or to monitor the system status from the PC.

+++ Combined heating and cooling with the „Clima“ models +++
With Caleonbox Clima and Caleon Clima, the user can switch between heating and cooling season. This is often achieved by inverting a heat pump, or activating a separate cooling unit. The integrated humidity sensor enables Caleon Clima to calculate the dew point for every zone and to adapt the flow temperature accordingly, thus preventing moisture problems. In addition, a dehumidifier can be run as well.

Since its foundation in 1991, Sorel has been a German manufacturer of electronic temperature controllers for solar thermal, fresh water and heating technology, with a special focus on usability. To this day, Sorel controllers optimise about 1 million heating systems on all continents for energy efficiency and living comfort. Sorel presents the new Caleonbox and various versions of Caleon room thermostats from March 14 to 18 at ISH in Frankfurt.

13. February 2017