Room Sensors

How to connect Room Sensor Smart to °CALEON via WiFi

1. Connect °CALEON to local WLAN (recommended) 2. Integrate new WiFi sensor (Expert → Settings → Devices) 3. Start pairing by placing a finger on the touch surface at the top right. Press and hold the touch surface until the LED lights up blue. Pairing successful! The sensor can now be assigned to a room. Tip: note the corresponding room immediately on the enclosed sticker. To verify correct functioning, a transmission can be triggered manually by touching the sensor. In menu Expert → Settings → WiFi → WiFi status, the time of the last received transmission can be read off

How to connect 1-Wire Room Sensors to the °CALEONbox

1. Ensure use of suitable cables: »  3 wires (recommended: 6 wires) »  Twisted-pair »  Shielded (recommended) 2. Lay the cables of all 1-wire sensors in a line. If stub lines are unavoidable, they should be kept as short as possible. The maximum cable length of the 1-Wire bus is 100m in total The greater the cable length, the more important it is to maintain the line structure. 3. Strip the insulation from the wires and connect them according to the labelling. 4. Document sensor IDs to simplify subsequent assignment to the rooms.

How to easily identify and assign Room Sensors for °CALEONbox

1. When installing, read the sensor ID from one of the stickers Tip: note the corresponding room immediately on the enclosed sticker With Room Sensor Smart (WiFi), the sensor ID is also shown in the display after pairing 2. Select the sensor using the ID when assigning rooms in the °CALEON 3. Stick enclosed sticker for documentation on lid sticker (recommended)