Which controller replaces my old controller?

This table indicates which new controller succeeds those of previous series. These recommendations are non-binding and do not replace your own examination if the controller meets your requirements. Previous model Recommended Controller TDC 1 MTDC TDC 2 MTDC TDC 3 MTDC TDC 4 without VFS MTDC/LTDC TDC 4 with VFS LTDC TDC 5 LTDC SD 01 STDC SD 01/f SBMC DR 01 STDC DR 01F SBMC DR 1 STDC DR 1S STDC DR 1F SBMC DR 2 MTDC DR 3 MTDC DR 4 MTDC/LTDC DR 5 LTDC HR3 MHCC HCC3 MHCC HCC4/HCC5/HCC6 LHCC MR… XHCC SR… XHCC