°CALEON Clima Smart

How to connect °CALEON to HCC heating controllers

1. Ensure use of suitable cables for the CAN bus connection: » min. 4 wires » Twisted-pair » Shielded The twisting in pairs must be maintained: CAN high & CAN low; 24VDC & GND; Green & Yellow 2. Connect CAN adapter to CAN cable 3. Connect wires according to the indications Make sure that the terminating resistors are set on the first and last device of a CAN bus line! Use the enclosed operating tool to avoid destroying °CALEON’s terminal clamps. 4. Select a room icon during commissioning of the °CALEON 5. Assign a °CALEON Room Controller on the HCC…

How to use the °CALEON multiroom feature to change operating mode for all rooms

The multiroom feature allows you to view and adjust all the rooms in the system, not only the local room itself. The multiroom feature can also be deactivated under Settings → RoomSync (e.g. in offices or hotels) . To set all rooms to the same operating mode, just swipe down. Since every room can have different target temperatures for each operating mode, no general target temperature can be set. This prevents the unintentional overwriting of carefully balanced setpoint temperatures. Holiday mode can also be set for all rooms together. The °CALEON app uses the larger space available to display its…

How to set the Thermostat function in the °CALEON Clima

1. Open menu: Expert → Settings → Functions °CALEON →Thermostat or Expert → Settings → Functions °Cbox → Thermostat 2. Select free switching output. 3. Set „Room“ Selection of the sensors on the settings and conditions of which the function is to be based. 4. Set „Operating mode“ Sets the operating mode of this function of the thermostat. Heating, cooling, or heating and cooling. 5. Set „Relay mode“ Switching mode for regular/inverted output. 6. Set „Seizing protection“ If the anti-seizing protection is activated, the controller switches the outputs on/off at 12.00 noon for 5 seconds to prevent seizing of the…

How to set the Dehumidifier function in the °CALEON Clima

1. Open menu: Expert → Settings → Functions °CALEON → Dehumidifier or Expert → Settings → Functions °Cbox → Dehumidifier 2. Select free switching output 3. Set „Operation mode Sets the operating states of the heating and cooling systems in which the dehumidifier is to be switched on. 4. Set „Humidity“ Sets the humidity imit. If this is exceeded, the dehumidifier is switched on 5. Set „Hysteresis“ Sets the switch-off hysteresis.” 6. Set „Room“ Room selection to assign the humidity of a room as the basis for the dehumidifier operatio 7. Set „Seizing protection“ If the anti-seizing protection is activated,…

How to restrict menu access for end users in °CALEON

Solution 1: Use interface mode to hide the entire menu 1. Set interface mode to „Hide“. Menu → Expert → Settings → Interface mode” 2. To return to „full“ mode, press and hold the upper right corner of the display for 5 seconds Solution 2: Menu lock to hide all expert functions 1. Activate menu lock Menu → Expert → Menu lock” 2. Deactivate menu lock by entering the selected password or [CALEON] Menu → Expert → Menu lock” Solution 3: Deactivate Room Sync to hide rooms of other °CALEONs Deactivate room synchronisation on all °CALEONs which should not show…

How to set up the CALEON App

1. Download °CALEON App to your mobile device. Currently available on Google Play (Android) and Apple App Store (iOS) 2. Start app and create account 3. Click activation link in your e-mail inbox 4. Connect °CALEON with the WLAN network: Expert > Settings > WiFi > Choose Network 5. Add selected e-mail address to access list: Expert > Settings > WiFi > Access Control 6. Log in to °CALEON app with e-mail and password 7. Enter device address in °CALEON app. The device address can be found in the device: Expert > Settings > WiFi > Wifi Status Done!

How to Update Firmware via WiFi with °CALEON Smart

1. Menu | Expert | Service values | Firmware 2. Wait till download is completed Done! °CALEON automatically detects if the newest software is already installed. Firmware for other SOREL controllers which are connected to °CALEON Smart can also be updated in this way! Look for the corresponding item in the Expert menu (for example “°CALEONbox Firmware”) and proceed as shown in this video.

How to use the PWM 0/10V outputs on °CALEON Clima to control a zone valve, dehumidifier or fan coil

1) Connect external relay to 0-10V / PWM output of °CALEON Clima 2) Connect external relay to desired external device (e.g. zone valve, dehumidifier, or fan coil) 3) When °CALEON Clima is fully installed, go to Menu – Expert – Caleon – Manage Functions 4) Select desired function 5) Configure settings for that function. Some devices like 0-10V actuators or high-efficiency pumps can be configured in the same way, but even without the need for an external relay in between.

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