Modern Thermostats Must be Easy to Use


Sorel presents Caleon Z Smart Thermostat at Light & Building

The launch of the new Caleon room thermostats marks Sorel’s growth from the HVAC industry into the home automation market. “Given that Caleon was designed for installation in people’s living rooms, it emphasizes two key aspects: a classy look and ease of use”, explains CEO Jonas Bicher. For this purpose, Sorel relies on a capacitive TFT color touch display, covered by a front glass plate and inserted into a white designer housing to give it a simple yet elegant appearance.

+++ Usability is Key for Energy-Savings +++

The impetus to develop a new product was the insight that existing room thermostats are often too complicated to understand. “In about 40% of programmable thermostats, the time programs are never used because people find it hard to operate”, says Bicher. In contrast, Caleon thermostats employ the principle of a classic time switch and combine it with the modern look and feel of a smartphone. This empowers people to configure an individual weekly program within seconds. Moreover, the user can easily select between the four operating modes Regular, Off, Eco and Turbo to set the desired temperature level for any room. Whereas such key functions are accessible with just a few touch strokes, advanced settings such as temperature hysteresis or network features are available in a separate expert menu.

+++ A broad spectrum of connectivity options +++

In order to fulfill the variety of applications and customer wishes, Caleon is available in six versions. The basic version “Caleon Thermostat” is equipped with a relay switching contact to facilitate replacement of outdated 230V thermostats in existing buildings. The “Caleon Smart Thermostat” adds a WLAN module to it, thus enabling remote control by app for smartphone-savvy users. The “Caleon Z Thermostat”, in turn, works as a Z-Wave Plus controller and is best complemented by matching Caleon radiator valves for wireless single-room control, or for integration into comprehensive smart home systems. The flagship “Caleon Z Smart Thermostat” contains both WLAN and Z-Wave functionality, thus providing maximum connectivity. Further options include the 24V versions Caleon and Caleon Clima, which holistically optimize the whole heating and cooling system when combined with Sorel heating controllers.


Ever since its establishment in 1991, Sorel has been a German manufacturer of HVAC controls with special emphasis on intuitive usability. To this day, Sorel controllers optimize the energy efficiency of about one million heating systems on all continents. Sorel displays the new Caleon room thermostats as part of the Z-Wave Alliance at Light & Building in Frankfurt from March 18-23.

Fig. 1: Selection of operating mode in °CALEON Z Smart Thermostat with Z-Wave Plus and WLAN

Fig. 2: Configuring an individual heating schedule in the new °CALEON Thermostats

Fig. 3: Showcase application for single-room control via Z-Wave Plus and WLAN

Fig. 4: °CALEON Smart Thermostat with smartphone app

High-resolution pictures for download:

6. February 2018