How to update firmware on SOREL controllers by update board

Updating a SOREL controller in 5 easy steps: 1. Switch off power supply 2. Take off the cover 3. Place the update board onto the port 4. Close the cover and switch on power supply 5. Confirm to start the installation After a few moments it’s done! Remember to remove the update board again, power supply being switched off. Important notice: don’t carry out firmware updates without consulting us, to ensure compatibility of hardware and software!

How to configure speed control of high efficiency pumps with 0-10V or PWM

1) Wire the cables to the controller Pump cable on left side: blue wire to – brown wire to V1 (black wire is redundant) Power supply on right side: brown wire to R1 blue wire to N 2) Go to Special Functions – Pump Settings V1 Select type of pump (get this information from pump manual or type label). Set pump signal (get this information from pump manual or type label). If the pump does not support “Solar” or “Heating” standard, you can select from other pre-defined signal profiles. The parameters automatically adapt to your selection. To be sure about…

How to update firmware on X controllers by SOREL

7 easy steps to update the software on XHCC heating circuit controller and XTDC temperature difference controller by SOREL: 1. Remove SD card from controller 2. Plug SD card into PC 3. Create folder “update” on SD card. The name “update” is important! 4. Copy .bin file into “update” folder 5. Take SD card back to controller 6. Go to Special Functions – SD Card – Firmware update 7. Select software update and start Done! After a few moments the controller reboots with the new firmware. Note: Carry out firmware updates only after consulting with us to ensure compatibility with…