How to install a basic UFH system with °CALEONbox application example with 8 rooms

1. Get materials 2. Mount devices 3.1 Connect cables: °CALEONbox Terminal block A Mains connection for heating circuit pump Terminal block B-I Actuators for the heating zones 3.2 Connect cables: °CALEON (CAN-Bus) 3.3 Connect cables: Room sensors (1-Wire-Bus) Document sensor IDs to simplify subsequent assignment to the rooms 4. Run through the setup wizard on the °CALEON

How to wire °CALEONbox multizone controls for 24V actuators

Each °CALEONbox can be flexibly rewired to operate actuators either with 230VAC or with low voltage If the terminal blocks (B-I) are to be supplied with a voltage other than the mains voltage, proceed as follows: 1. Remove existing bridges A1 – B1 and A2 – B2 2. It is absolutely necessary to insert a separating wall between A – B. 3. Connect the power supply to B1 (L) and B2 (N). 4. Observe max. switching power of relay and fuse (4AT)

How to connect 1-Wire Room Sensors to the °CALEONbox

1. Ensure use of suitable cables: »  3 wires (recommended: 6 wires) »  Twisted-pair »  Shielded (recommended) 2. Lay the cables of all 1-wire sensors in a line. If stub lines are unavoidable, they should be kept as short as possible. The maximum cable length of the 1-Wire bus is 100m in total The greater the cable length, the more important it is to maintain the line structure. 3. Strip the insulation from the wires and connect them according to the labelling. 4. Document sensor IDs to simplify subsequent assignment to the rooms.

How to easily identify and assign Room Sensors for °CALEONbox

1. When installing, read the sensor ID from one of the stickers Tip: note the corresponding room immediately on the enclosed sticker With Room Sensor Smart (WiFi), the sensor ID is also shown in the display after pairing 2. Select the sensor using the ID when assigning rooms in the °CALEON 3. Stick enclosed sticker for documentation on lid sticker (recommended)

DE How to assign sensors and zones to the rooms in the °CALEONbox

1. Assign one or more sensors to the room Expert → Settings → Rooms 2. Assign one or more zones to the room Expert → Settings → Rooms 3. Repeat for all other rooms Done Some rooms consist of several zones, e.g. to separate heating and cooling circuits or for large areas. Further settings are therefore located separately in the menu Expert → Settings → Zones The assignment of sensors, rooms and zones is also run through during system start-up as part of the setup wizardfen.

How to make separate areas with °CALEONbox Clima heat only or cool only

Example 1 1. Add living room as a new room (in menu Expert → Settings → Rooms | or in setup wizard) 2. Add bathroom as a new room (in menu Expert → Settings → Rooms | or in setup wizard) 3. Assign rooms to zones (in menu Expert → Settings → Zones | or in setup wizard) 4. Set operating mode of the living room zone to heating & cooling (in menu Expert → Settings → Zones | or in setup wizard) 5. Set the operating mode of the bathroom zone to heating. (in menu Expert → Settings →…

Simplified Wiring of Underfloor Heating Controllers with °CALEONbox

5 ways how °CALEONbox simplifies the installation of underfloor heating and cooling systems: 1. Easy click-on installation on DIN rail 2. Removable cover for more installation space 3. Automatic, press-on strain relief 4. Easy plug-in terminals. Colour-coded to facilitate correct assignment 5. Movable partitions make space and increase flexibility to separate mains and low voltage (e.g. depending if actuators are 24V or 230V)